Spotify Premium Mod APK V8.5.40.195 2020 [Updated]

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Here you can easily download this music app to download free songs with a 100% working mod apk file.

What is Spotify Pro/Premium? (Unlimited Free Music)

Spotify Premium Download

People love to listen to music in every situation. Whether they are happy or sad, they like to listen to music and songs in every situation.

Spotify premium mod Apk contains millions of songs in different languages from all over the world at no cost. The latest Spotify is the best android and iOS Application to listen to the music of top-level artists in one place. Spotify is available on phone as well as on pc/desktop.

At Spotify, you can not only listen to songs and music, but you can also access to radio anywhere at any time free of cost.

Spotify App offers two versions. The first one is free and the second one is paid. Spotify’s free version is limited in features. You will face advertisements while listening to songs. This will not leave a good impression on the listener.

Spotify Free version doesn’t provide the facility to download songs and provide the quality of soundtrack of 128 kbps.

But Spotify premium provides you all the features which are in the premium version of Spotify Application completely free.

Just install Spotify Premium Mod APK and enjoy favorite songs of your favorite artist at one place free of cost.

What’s New in Spotify Premium v8.5.40.195 APK?

The new version always includes some new features that were not available and improve the contents and features that were available in the previous version.

  • Bug fixes are included in this version.
  • Improvements are included in this version.
  • Issues of stability are also fixed.

About Spotify Premium APK Mod

Spotify is a Top Music Application. Millions of people install this application due to its unlimited offering and heart touching music and songs.

The latest Spotify application offers two versions. The first one is free and the second one is paid. Spotify Free Version is very irritating for users because of some reason. Reasons are:

  • The first one is that the free version includes ads in between listening to the songs. The user feels annoying when seeing these Ads during song streaming.
  • The second one is that the free version offers a small number of songs.
  • The third one is that you can’t enjoy high-quality music in a free version.
  • You can skip only six songs in an hour.

Spotify premium version is paid and it offers its premium features in different packages. Spotify Premium version allows you to enjoy the Premium features. You can listen to unlimited songs and music and can save songs and music so that you can listen to these songs offline.

Download Premium MOD APK

Spotify Offline Version Download

Download Premium Version

Download From GooglePlay

You can also listen to high-quality music. And the most important point is that you will enjoy the songs with no interruption of Advertisement.

Spotify Premium APK Mod is a Modified version of Spotify Official Application. This application offers you all the premium features free of cost.

You can skip unlimited songs in an hour. There are no Ads during the streaming of songs. You can listen to high-Quality sound Music. There is No Root Required for Spotify Premium APK Mod.

ApplicationSpotify Music Mod Apk Premium
Spotify Music Mod Apk Premium Size26 Mega-Bytes
Latest/Updated Version8.5.40.195
Offered BySpotify Ltd.
Updated On
Jan 10, 2020
Spotify: How to download?Read Here
Final Version ApkDownload Now

Spotify Premium v8.5.40.195 Final Moded APK

The Spotify Premium v8.5.40.195 Final Mod APK is the latest released version of Spotify. This version includes many best features that are given below:

  • You can Unlock Shuffle.
  • You can download Music for offline Mode.
  • You can unlock the repeating of Songs.
  • No Advertisement during the playing of songs.
  • You can skip as many songs as you want. Spotify free version offers just six songs to be skipped.
  • You can listen to high-quality songs at 320 kbps.
  • You can follow your friends to view which type of songs they are listening to.
  • You can download any song to listen to offline. This helps you to listen to songs in case you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Create a playlist of your favorite songs.
  • Spotify Premium v8.5.40.195 Final Mod APK also offers Radio feature. You can also listen to the radio if you don’t want to listen to songs from the application.
  • This version was Updated On December 06, 2019.
  • The current Version is Spotify v8.5.40.195.
  • The size of Spotify Premium v8.5.40.195 varies with the device.
  • Required Android for Spotify Premium v8.5.40.195 also varies with device.
  • Spotify belongs to the category of Music and Audio.
  • This is a user-interactive Application.
  • The content rating for this application is 12+.
  • More than 500 million people install the Spotify application.

How to Sign Up for a new Spotify Premium Account?

It is very easy to Sign Up for Spotify Premium Account. The first step you have to do is that you install Spotify Application on your device.

Then open the application. If you are not registered before then Click on the button of Sign Up. The new form will be open. You have to enter the following data.

  • In the first text-box enter Email Address.
  • In the second text-box, you again enter the Email address for confirmation.
  • In the third text-box, enter the password for your account.
  • In the fourth text-box, enter a username.
  • Then enter your date of birth.
  • Then select your gender.
  • Then do confirm that you are a human being or robot by entering the captcha.
  • In the end, click on the Sign-Up button.

By clicking the Sign-Up button you will register on Spotify Premium.

Then you can make Login to Use Spotify. Spotify offers three types of premiums. One for an individual at the cost of $ 9.99, the second one for the family at the cost of $14.99 and the last one for a student at the cost of $4.99.

You have to select the premium that you want to subscribe to. Spotify offers you the first 30-days free trial for each premium. After that Spotify will start deducting charges from your provided account information.

Spotify Premium Apk Features

No Advertisement

Spotify’s free version contains a lot of ads during the streaming of music and songs. This make listener to annoy and don’t leave a good impression. But Spotify Premium App doesn’t include any advertisement. User doesn’t face any type of interruption.

Download Music Offline

Spotify Premium Download Offline Music

From a free version of Spotify User can’t download music and songs to listen offline. But the Premium version provides us the facility to download the music and songs so that users can listen to those songs offline in case of internet connection is not available.

Unlimited Skips

Unlimited Skips

The free version of Spotify allows us to skip just six songs in one hour, this is not so good. But Spotify premium version allows us to Skip as many songs as we want and can hear unlimited songs.

Play any song and music

The Premium version includes millions of songs of different languages of different artists. You can play and listen to any song at any time.

Follow Friends

We can follow our friends to see which type of songs they are listening to. Type their name in the search bar and then select that particular friend and then click on the button of ‘Follow’. Then you will start following that particular friend. You can see your friend’s history about which type of songs they like to listen to.

Spotify APP Moded APK features

Spotify APP Mod is the modded version of Spotify Premium by unknown developers. Spotify APP Mode APK provides us many features.

You can use all the features of Spotify premium without any charges by using Spotify APP Mod APK.

  • You can download unlimited songs like the premium version at no cost. In Spotify’s Premium version, you can download songs at monthly subscription, but with Spotify APP Mod APK you can download unlimited songs free of cost and can play offline.
  • Mostly Mod APK needs third party tool applications to run but Spotify APP Mod APK doesn’t need any third-party application to run.
  • Searching enabled In Spotify APP Mod version.
  • An unlimited shuffle is available as in the Spotify premium version.
  • The seek forward button is available in the Spotify APP Mod APK version.
  • Song repeats enable in Spotify APP Mod APK.

Spotify Mod Lite Features

Spotify Mod Lite has the following features:

  • Graphics in Spotify Mod Lite are optimized and resources are cleaned for fast load.
  • Improved Result (APK file size is almost 25 MB).
  • Disabled unwanted Receivers and Services.
  • Spotify Mod Lite feature disables Analytics.
  • All ads and services call from activity removed.
  • Spotify Mod Lite feature is supported on Arm Devices Only like tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

How to get Spotify Premium Mod APK for free on Android, iOS & PC?

Download Spotify Premium Android iOS

Spotify premium mod APK is a modded version of the original Spotify app. By Spotify premium mod APK you can get all the features of the original Spotify premium at no cost. You can easily get Spotify for the android, iOS & the PC.

Just Uninstall your Official Spotify App. And then download the Spotify premium APK from your browser. Change the settings of your Android phone to ‘download from Unknown sources’.

Then install Spotify Premium APK on your device. You can similarly download Spotify Premium Mod APK on iOS and PC. Then Sign Up for free.

Spotify Offline Version Download

Spotify APK Google-play

Download Premium Version

Old APK MOD Versions

Spotify Premium APK v8.5.20.752

Spotify Music Premium v8.5.18.752

Spotify APK Premium v8.5.15.752

Spotify App BETA APK MOD

How to get Spotify Premium mod APK on iOS & PC?

Spotify Premium Mod APK on PC

You can get Spotify premium mod APK easily on PC. Just follow these steps:

  • Open Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC, if your pc doesn’t have Bluestacks then first download Bluestacks.
  • Then download the Spotify premium APK latest version. You will get the APK file.
  • Then install the Spotify premium mod APK.

Spotify Premium Mod APK on iOS

Just like the PC, you have to install a third-party application on your iPhone to get Spotify.

  • Install third-party app the Tweakbox app. This is an Application like Playstore that stores modified the application.
  • From there, click on Spotify++
  • Then click on the install.
  • Then Spotify++ will be installed on your iPhone. Enjoy unlimited Music!!

  Download Spotify Premium Mods Apk Latest 2020

How to get Spotify premium mod APK on Android?

You cannot download Spotify premium mod APK from the play store. Because the play store only contains the Spotify app.

It is very easy to get Spotify premium mod APK. First of all, uninstall the Spotify app if you have installed it. Then download Spotify premium mod APK from Google. Where many websites contain the latest version of Spotify premium mod APK.

Download Spotify Premium Android Version

How to use Spotify Dogfood Premium Mod with Android Auto?

Android Auto works with the applications that are downloaded directly from the Official Google Playstore. There is Method ‘getInstallerPackageName ()’.

Using this technique Android Auto checks the Install Source. If the installed source found Google Play store then the application shown in the Android Auto dashboard.

You know Spotify Dogfood Premium Mod is not directly downloaded from Google Playstore so that’s why Spotify Dogfood Premium Mod APK doesn’t show on the Android Auto Dashboard.

But there is a way to show Spotify Dogfood Premium on the Android Auto by changing the install source of Spotify Dogfood premium Mod.

  • Just you have to do is download the Android ADB Tool from the link given below
  • Connect your Mobile with PC through Data Cable and then change the Mode from “Charging Mode” to ‘File Transfer Mode (MTP).
  • Download the Spotify Premium Dogfood APK from the browser and then save it in your device’s storage as ‘Spotify.apk’. And then remember the exact storage location.
  • Open ADB Command prompt window. Enter ADB devices in the command prompt window. This window returns a device’s code if things are working well.
  • Now Enter ADB Shell in the ADB Command window.
  • Finally, enter the command given below to install the APK file stored in your device’s storage.

Command is:

pm install –I “” –r /sdcard/path/to/Spotify.apk

Is it safe to use Spotify premium APK?

Yes, it is safe to use Spotify Premium APK. There is No Virus in Spotify premium APK application. You can use this application without any fear.

But this depends on the website from where you downloading this application. Maybe that Website contains the virus and any other malicious virus. So download Spotify premium APK from the authentic website.

Spotify Premium APK is a modded version of the Spotify application. Spotify Premium APK offers all the feature which are in the Premium version of Spotify application Completely Free. You can use all the features of Spotify Premium Completely Free.

The only issue you can face is that if Spotify detects then your main account will be banned permanently. So the suggestion is that try to customize your playlist and use the separate email account for Spotify premium version APK.

So use Spotify Premium APK without any fear and enjoy the world of music free.

Spotify Premium APK Mod Download Updated 2020

Spotify v8.5.40.195 is the latest version of Spotify Music Application. Spotify Premium APK is not available on the Play store because Spotify Premium APK Mod is an illegal version of Spotify.

So that’s why original developers are blocking this from every website but few websites still offer Spotify Premium APK for free without any malicious virus.

Open your browser and search for Spotify Premium APK Updated version 2020, you find it on many websites. Many websites give the link for downloading but that may not work.

Download Premium Version

Spotify Music Premium Mod APK Download

You can easily download Spotify Music Premium Mod APK from the internet. If you want to enjoy the Premium features of Spotify Official Application then, first of all, uninstall Official Spotify from your device.

Then Open the browser from your device then search Spotify Music Premium Mod APK. Many websites have available Spotify Premium Mod APK, download Spotify Premium Mod APK from there and install on your device and then enjoy the worldwide Unlimited Music.

Spotify Premium APK Download Latest Version

Spotify Application offers two versions. Spotify Free and Spotify Premium. Spotify free offers basic features. Spotify Free contains advertisements during the streaming of songs. And you can skip only six songs per hour and you cannot download songs offline.

Spotify Premium version offers Premium features. You can listen to millions of songs of different languages from your favorite different actors. You can save songs for offline mode. You can follow your friends or colleagues to see which type of songs they are listening to.

You can create a playlist for your favorite songs. But the problem is that the Spotify Premium version is paid one. Many people cannot pay for it. So here comes the best solution for those who can’t pay for it. The solution is Spotify Premium APK’s latest version.

Just download the Spotify Premium APK which offers you all the premium features at no cost. Enjoy all the premium features by using Spotify Premium APK.

Spotify Premium Mod APK iOS

Music is the food for the soul. People like to listen to music in every situation whether they are tired or fresh. Music is the need of every user whether they are iOS users or Android users.

Spotify Premium Mod APK is available on iOS, Android, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV. Download Spotify Premium Mod APK iOS to enjoy the unlimited songs of different languages of your favorite singer.

Download the Spotify Premium Mod APK iOS to enjoy your favorite Music. Enjoy unlimited skips and countless songs from the app.

Just like the PC, you cannot directly download Spotify Premium APK on your iPhone. You have to install a third application to use Spotify on the iPhone.

First, install the third-party application then from that application download Spotify Premium APK free.

Spotify Premium APK Offline Mode

The Spotify Application’s Premium version includes the feature of Offline Mode. Offline Mode is the best feature. The best thing about Offline Mode is that it provides the facility to download the songs, and can listen to the songs when the internet is not available.

You simply have to do is simply install the Spotify Music Application and then Subscribe to the Premium version.

By subscribing to the premium version you can listen to unlimited songs and can skip songs as much you want. You can also Download Music and songs for offline listening.

When you don’t have an internet connection available then you open your playlist of download and can listen to your downloaded songs offline.

Spotify Premium APK No Root

Spotify Premium APK is a cracked and modified version of the Official Spotify Application that offers you the premium features of Spotify at free. Spotify Premium APK has all the features enables and requires No Root.

All we know that mostly APK applications work with third-party application and root. But there is nothing like that in Spotify Premium APK.

Spotify Premium APK No Root is a good feature in the Spotify Premium APK version.